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SGA0101 Articulated Bolt

SGA0101 – Articulated Bolt

March 1st, 2010

SGA0101 – Articulated Bolt
Designed to be used with spider glass clamp systems, this articulating bolt allows glass to be attached to the spider fitting with an adjustable angle. This allows for any stress applied to the glass to be more evenly distributed across the entire panel of glass rather than concentrating at the hole. These are typically used in conditions where the glass will be subject to live loads. This product can be manufactured using 316 Steel or 304 Steel. Finishing options are brushed, satin, mirror polish or colour coated.

Size Variation
1 60 36 35.8 10 – 20.5 123
All dimensions are in Millimeters (mm) unless specified otherwise

Product Image
Technical Drawing
SGA0101 Articulated Bolt
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Material Options
Finish Options
Material Cast 304 Steel - Part Number Variation '4'Material Cast 316 Steel - Part Number Variation '6' Brushed Finish - Part Number Variation 'B'Satin Finish - Part Number Variation 'S'Mirror Finish - Part Number Variation 'M'Colour Coated Finish - Part Number Variation 'C'
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