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With over 15 years of experience in OEM & ODM stainless steel casting, Linkwell has a solid reputation for producing quality construction hardware, with clients across Europe, Asia and America. Our facilities are located in Huangpu Town in the prefecture-level city of Zhongshan, strategically located between Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau.

Our Facility

With our 300 full time employees and 10,000 sq meters of manufacturing floor space, we are capable of processing over 150 tons of finished castings per month. Our full range of equipment includes wax injection machines, moulding fabrication equipment, HF industrial furnace, post casting equipment and CNC machining equipment. With this level of resource, we are able to produce all our products in-house, which in turn guaranties quality, stability and price.

Commitment to Quality

At Linkwell we understand the importance of quality and dependability. We have therefor invested a large amount of time and resource in ensuring every part of our operation is running efficiently, smoothly and exceeds recognized industry standards. It is this commitment to quality that has earned us many long term clients and it is something that we will continue to build upon with every new client.
TUV ISO 9001 Certification15+ Years of Manufacturing Experience